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Actor Training Affidavit and Confidentiality/Nondisclosure Agreement Application

To become an Actor, you must review and be trained with the Actor Training Materials by a certified RN Test Observer.  You must also meet the criteria listed below. After accomplishing these tasks, you may then be used as an Actor. 

To qualify as an Actor, you must meet the following criteria:  
  • Actors need to understand that they are not able to sit for the State NA/MA competency test for six (6) months from the date that they last worked as an Actor. 
  • Actors must be of legal working age in the State they are working. Minors must also have a work permit where required by State law. 
  • Actors must be trained and certified with these approved materials. 
  • An Actor may NOT be a Nurse Aide (or Medication Aide) Test Candidate who has not been tested. 
  • An Actor may NOT be a student in any NA/MA Training Program. 
  • An Actor may NOT be the Nurse Aide (or Medication Aide) Test Candidate's instructor.
  • Actors can be registry active NAs, testing team family members, volunteers, etc. 
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RN Test Observer Name
I hereby swear that I, as a nurse aide (or Medication Aide) skill test Actor, have reviewed the Actor Training Materials with the RN Test Observer named, and I understand and will abide by the approved material presented.  Click to open:  Link to Actor Training Materials.
  • I understand that as an actor I will not be permitted to apply and take the State Nurse Aide (or Medication Aide) exam for 6 months from the date that I last worked as an actor.
I acknowledge the confidential nature of the nursing and medication assistant competency examinations. This includes the materials, processes, procedures, and content of both the knowledge and manual skills portions of the examination.
  •  I agree to safeguard the confidentiality of all information about the nursing and medication assistant competency examination.
  •  I will not disclose any portion of the examination materials.
  •  I will not disclose the processes or procedures necessary to administer or pass the examination nor will I disclose any test content, examination results, or information about any Nurse Aide (or Medication Aide) candidate's performance with instructors or administrators of any training facility, program, or with anyone else other than the RN Test Observer, D&SDT-HEADMASTER staff, or the appropriate State agency.  
  • I will not be involved in the testing of family members or close personal friends, except in emergency situations as provided for in the D&SDT-HEADMASTER and State Guidelines.
I will maintain, and never violate, the security of the tests or compromise any testing information. I understand that if I violate test security, I will be held legally accountable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
By Submitting
I hereby verify that I understand and agree with the statements contained herein and the above information is true and correct.